I love working from home.

Sometimes when I am on a project that needs heaps of thinking and conception, I’d rather be cuddling under my duvet with a mug of hot tea and my Macbook than being at the office. The downside of it is that I don’t feel the time passing and I can spend all my day on my computer without thinking of eating or resting, a good thing for my boss, but not so good for my back!

I started thinking more and more about getting a stylish desk that can be a home office and also double as a vanity for every day. Of course, as soon as I need some inspiration I jump on Pinterest and start pinning like crazy.

These are the 10 most beautifully styled home offices (that can double as vanities) I found on Pinterest and around the web.

1. From Houzz

2. From Est Magazine

3. From the Urbnite

5. From The Decorista

6. From The Decorista

7. From Pink Peonies

8. From The Ultralinx

10. From The Everygirl

What are your work habits, do you often work  from home? Do you have a special place you like to work at? What are your favorite essentials for your desk? Tell us more in the comment section below!