2 weeks ago I jumped into a plane to Madrid to check the sales in the fashion capital of Spain (and thanks to Ryanair, flight prices are ridiculous). For this time, I was careful into choosing good winter basics and not falling into quick trends or cheap/low-quality garments. I followed the same principles in beauty shopping and tried to be prudent. Long story short, this is my Madrid beauty haul for you.


Cream Blush Les Beiges from Chanel in nº20

This must be the most convenient and easy to apply blush, it gives you plenty of time to blend it (with your fingers or using a brush in a circular motion) and doesn’t have any shimmer to it.


 Nude Lip pencil and Brown eye pencil from Sephora

It has been a while that I have been reading that brown liners are better than black liners for brown eyes, and I waited until my 30’s to try! What a shame! Indeed, a brown liner is more gentle, makes the brown of your eyes pop and when it smudges you don’t get that panda look, you end up with a blended neutral smokey 🙂

I also got the nude lip liner (without trying it first) to pair with my Jubilee MAC lipstick. The truth that it’s a little too clear for my lips.

Clarins BB Cream in dark

That one was a really good purchase except that it’s a little too dark for my actual skin, I got fooled by the saleswoman and the shop harsh light. I still use it blended with a moisturiser and it gives me a healthy looking glowy tan. I guess it would fit me perfectly this summer.


Nars Lipstick “Dressed to Kill”

I’ve been fantasizing on that lipstick since my last visit to Madrid in November, I tried it on, fell in love and walked away without buying it! I damned myself every single day after that. Luckily, I found it this time (they had only one left!!!!). It glides perfectly on the lips and has a warm shimmery raspberry-red tone but that is still wearable for daytime. It’s my everyday go to.


Skin care from Sephora

Even though reviews weren’t great for this Sephora skin care line, the products do the trick, they are moisturising and the night mask is really nourishing (I woke up with a healthy glow) and will be convenient to take when travelling.