Bingin, Bali 2013

What to pack for a surf trip under the tropics?

Sep 1st, 2015 Lifestyle, Surf, Travels nahid

Packing is always an exhausting mental exercise and preparing for a long surf trip is even more complicated. This is what you need to know about luggage for making the most of your surfing journey. Traveling for surfing is different from your regular travel, the main objective of your trip is to score a maximum of waves. You will be enjoying the culture, sightseeing and…

Friday's Inspiration #5

Friday Inspiration #5

Aug 28th, 2015 Lifestyle, Travels nahid

I used a picture of beautiful Sumatra in this Friday Inspiration post to announce that I am leaving for a surf trip in magnificent Indonesia. Our first stop will be in Sumatra for a week of surfing around Krui. I will tell you more about the gorgeous place we are going to stay at. The rest of the adventure is still undefined and that is what…

Switzerland vacation

Friday Inspiration #4

Aug 21st, 2015 Lifestyle, Travels nahid

Before heading to my surf trip to Indonesia at the end of August, I wanted to share with you some snaps from my last year’s travel to Switzerland. I had so much fun riding the train in some breathtaking sceneries, visiting the cute cities and eating lots and LOTS of cheese! Dreamy #berne #switzerland A photo posted by The Working Surfgirl (@deepblue04) on Aug 19, 2014…


Working Girls: Samia – Frenchonista in Amsterdam

Aug 17th, 2015 Lifestyle, Working girls nahid

I created this section to tell you more about the wonderful career girls that I had the chance to meet and to give you an insight of their passions and professional journey. Today I’m sharing with you more about the French-Moroccan clutch designer and blogger Samia Taika, the girl behind Frenchonista in Amsterdam. Her adventure started with simple, elegant, handmade leather clutches developed in Morocco. Very soon many…

At Mehdia, Morocco

Jul 23rd, 2015 Lifestyle, Surf, Travels nahid

Surf spots and camp guide Mehdia Beach is my favourite surfing spot and is one of the most versatile in North Morocco. It lays between a natural reserve Sidi Boughaba and the majestic Atlantic ocean and it’s the cradle of surfing in the Kingdom (the first surfboards reached the ex-US military base in the 60’s). Surfers can have fun in waves from 1ft to 10ft, and more if…

Travel Diaries: Bangkok

Jul 10th, 2015 Lifestyle, Travels nahid

In winter 2011, we had the chance to travel to Asia for our honeymoon. We planed on spending a week enjoying ourselves in Thailand and 3 weeks surfing in an offseason Bali. We spent the 3 first nights in Bangkok a few days before Christmas and that was quite an experience. Bangkok is a huge and animated city with action at every corner : tuk-tuks, street…


Travel Diaries: Hello Barcelona 

Jun 21st, 2015 Lifestyle, Travels nahid

I am a true traveler that is trapped in a 9-to-5 job. So when I get a chance, I hop on a Ryanair flight to nearby European countries. This time we managed to squeeze 3 nights in Barcelona with hubby and another couple of friends. When you travel for a small period packing becomes even harder than a week-long vacation. You have to keep it…