As you all know, I love to meet creative and entrepreneur women all over the globe. Today, I’m glad to be featuring one talented and beautiful woman, Lia Strasser, a travel & leisure illustrator and animator from New York City. Lia is also a surfer and spends some time chasing waves and inspiration at her favorite surf spot Montauk, NY.
On the featured image is her last work “Dawn at Ditch Plains, Montauk.
Lia Strasser Dawn
“This watercolor was inspired by a dawn surf session at the Ditch Plains surf break.”
Lia Strasser.
Follow her on Instagram @lstrass  where she posts real-time illustrations and animations. You can also find her professional portfolio at
She is currently looking for artist representation and for freelance illustration projects. You can contact her at

I will be featuring some of her surf-related illustrations in my future posts.
Tell me what do you think of her work in the comments section!