Those who have been following me on Facebook must have seen some pics about the #waveriders adventure…

The plan was simple, 4 riders and their friends: me, Anas Haddar, Walid Bergui and Salah Laraichi along with 4 cars: 2 Sorento, a Soul and a Carens, discovering the immensity of Moroccan southern beaches that were suggested by Kia’s followers.

After a team meeting, we rounded the option up to 10 propositions from Agadir to Guelmim that we suspected would be challenging to find, may offer the best wave quality and have interesting landscapes.

We were quite surprised by the number of hidden creeks, rocky and sandy beaches we have discovered and by the wave quality. We were also amazed by the cars’ driving ability, especially the Sorento. It’s definitively a high-quality 4-by-4 that delivers as well on the highway as it does on difficult paths. The Carens and the Soul were up to speed as well, they followed their big sis’ everywhere… even on some hard sand.

I would definitively recommend a surf trip there for an October-November surf trip with a medium to big swell as these lineups don’t awaken in smaller conditions (except Mirleft which works best in small swells with a medium tidal coefficient).

Here are the videos of the 10 discovered beaches. I hope you’ll enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed our trip!

The departure:

Beaches selection:

1st beach:

2nd beach:

3rd beach:

4th beach:

5th beach:

6th beach:

7th beach:

8th beach:

9th beach:

10th beach:

 All the images and videos were made by the very talented team of Tenor Agency.

Sponsored by Kia.