As a surfer, I love traveling (I will tell you about my trips to Asia soon) but I would have never ever thought of a vacation in a non-surfable-waves country, let alone a non-sea country for more than a few days. These thoughts were valid until the persuasion power of my parents went into action.


The Matterhorn

So the 13th of August I jumped in a last minute plane for a 10 days getaway to one of the most obscure countries for me “Switzerland”, though I have relatives living there, I always pictures that country full of mountains, chalets and farmers… When I arrived, it was indeed, all mountains, chalets and farms, but also, breathtaking views, green fields, and loveable cities. The surfer in me shed a tear, but I just fell in love with that place!

The trip was not a relaxing one, the plan was to cover the most important places and cities and fit a one-day trip to Milan – Italy, all this in 10 days! So transport was a huge deal, we had to splurge on a Swiss Pass, that gives you unlimited access on the network of Swiss Travel System, it’s sold for 4, 8, 15 or 22 days or one month and allows a free entrance to over 400 museums and exhibitions. The pass is quite expensive (393 CHF ~ US$ 428 for a 8 days pass), but you pay it off quickly, especially when you visit 2 to 3 cities per day! Told you, no relaxation 😉

I’ll leave you there with some of my favorite pictures!