I created this section to tell you more about the wonderful career girls that I had the chance to meet and to give you an insight of their passions and professional journey.

Today I’m sharing with you more about the French-Moroccan clutch designer and blogger Samia Taika, the girl behind Frenchonista in Amsterdam. Her adventure started with simple, elegant, handmade leather clutches developed in Morocco. Very soon many celebrities in Holland were spotted rocking her creations.

A few weeks ago, I did a “surf” shooting for the Kilim clutch, you’ll see more of it at the end of the interview.


Samia with some of her famous creations ©Frenchonista

Where did you grow up?

In a little city called Elbeuf, Normandy, France.

What was your dream job while growing up, did you imagine being a business woman?

Not at all! I wanted to be a dancer or an actress 😉

How did you come to Amsterdam?

I had enough of being in France with its growing racism, they asked me too often so change my name to Sophie!… So I decided to move away. I always wanted to live in Los Angeles, but I am too close to my family and Amsterdam is only a 5 to 6 hours drive!

When did you start blogging?

6 Years ago! Unfortunately, I lost 3 years of blogging, because the server hosting my blog got hacked and no backup was made! So I really advise people to always have a backup!

How did you fall into the clutches business?

I love accessories, they always fit! But we are quite covered with handbags and not so much with clutches…My mum made me love clutches and I think they are chic! They are not meant to be practical but chic, so I decided to focus on clutches only.

What did you study? 

I studied Tourism.

Have your studies prepared you to run your own business and blog?

No, not all! I am the proof it can happen hahaha!



Where do you find inspiration? Do you have any role-model?

I find inspiration mostly on the street watching people… My role model is definitely Blake Mycoskie, founder of Toms, and his concept One for One!

How many people work for/with you?

It depends on the projects I am working on. I have my dedicated writer for my blog and my ambassadors for my brand. Most of the work I do myself and it gets busier!

What do you look for in someone that you would hire?

That she or he can feel me! My writer does 100%! And that he or she would rock on Photoshop! Because I’m really bad at it!

What would be your advice to be an accessory designer?

Try to find something exclusive, to be noticeable and never give up! I wanted to give up many times!

What’s your dream for your brand?

Exporting in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Dubai. This is one dream!!! 😉

Shooting I did for Frenchonista

A shooting I did for Frenchonista. Picture by ©Tenor Photography

Do you wear clutches or are you more a handbag person? What is your favourite brand? Tell us more on the comments! 

You can see more of Samia’s creations on her cataloguewebsite or blog.